github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v1.13.0

✨ Features and improvements

  • Improve accessibility by fixing issues reported by WCAG 2.1. #9991
  • Improve accessibility when opening a popup by immediately focusing on the content. #9774 (h/t @watofundefined)
  • Improve rendering performance of symbols with symbol-sort-key. #9751 (h/t @osvodef)
  • Add Marker clickTolerance option. #9640 (h/t @ChristopherChudzicki)
  • Add Map hasControl method. #10035
  • Add Popup setOffset method. #9946 (h/t @jutaz)
  • Add KeyboardHandler disableRotation and enableRotation methods. #10072 (h/t @jmbott)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where queryRenderedFeatures didn't properly expose the paint values if they were data-driven. #10074 (h/t @osvodef)
  • Fix a bug where attribution didn't update when layer visibility changed during zooming. #9943
  • Fix a bug where hash control conflicted with external history manipulation (e.g. in single-page apps). #9960 (h/t @raegen)
  • Fix a bug where fitBounds had an unexpected result with non-zero bearing and uneven padding. #9821 (h/t @allison-strandberg)
  • Fix HTTP support when running GL JS against Mapbox Atlas. #10090
  • Fix a bug where the within expression didn't work in querySourceFeatures. #9933
  • Fix a bug where Popup content HTML element was removed on setDOMContent. #10036
  • Fix a compatibility bug when icon-image is used as a legacy categorical function. #10060
  • Reduce rapid memory growth in Safari by ensuring Image dataURI's are released. #10118

⚠️ Note on IE11

We intend to remove support for Internet Explorer 11 in a future release of GL JS later this year.

latest releases: v2.6.0-beta.1, style-spec@13.23.0-beta.1, v1.13.2...
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