github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v1.12.0

✨ Features and improvements

  • Add methods for changing a vector tile source dynamically (e.g. setTiles, setUrl). #8048 (h/t @stepankuzmin)
  • Add a filter option for GeoJSON sources to filter out features prior to processing (e.g. before clustering). #9864
  • Vastly increase precision of line-gradient for long lines. #9694
  • Improve raster-dem sources to properly support the maxzoom option and overzooming. #9789 (h/t @brendan-ward)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where bearing snap interfered with easeTo and flyTo animations, freezing the map. #9884 (h/t @andycalder)
  • Fix a bug where a fallback image was not used if it was added via addImage. #9911 (h/t @francois2metz)
  • Fix a bug where promoteId option failed for fill extrusions with defined feature ids. #9863

🛠️ Workflow

  • Renamed the default development branch from master to main.

⚠️ Note on IE11

We intend to remove support for Internet Explorer 11 in a future release of GL JS later this year. Watch this repository for more information on how to prepare your codebase for this change.

latest releases: v1.13.2, v2.5.1, style-spec@13.22.0...
14 months ago