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Manticore Search 3.6.0

Version 3.6.0, May 3rd 2021

Maintenance release before Manticore 4

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Major new features

  • Support for Manticore Columnar Library for plain indexes. New setting columnar_attrs for plain indexes
  • Support for Ukrainian Lemmatizer
  • Fully revised histograms. When building an index Manticore also builds histograms for each field in it, which it then uses for faster filtering. In 3.6.0 the algorithm was fully revised and you can get a higher performance if you have a lot of data and do a lot of filtering.

Minor changes


  • faster JSON parsing, our tests show 3-4% lower latency on queries like WHERE json.a = 1
  • non-documented command DEBUG SPLIT as a prerequisite for automatic sharding/rebalancing


  • #584 - inaccurate and unstable FACET results
  • #506 - Strange behavior when using MATCH: those who suffer from this issue need to rebuild the index as the problem was on the phase of building an index
  • #387 - intermittent core dump when running query with SNIPPET() function
  • Stack optimizations useful for processing complex queries:
    • #469 - SELECT results in CRASH DUMP
    • e8420cc7 - stack size detection for filter trees
  • #461 - Update using the IN condition does not take effect correctly
  • #464 - SHOW STATUS immediately after CALL PQ returns - #481 - Fixed static binary build
  • #502 - bug in multi-queries
  • #514 - Unable to use unusual names for columns when use 'create table'
  • d1dbe771 - daemon crash on replay binlog with update of string attribute; set binlog version to 10
  • 775d0555 - fixed expression stack frame detection runtime (test 207)
  • 4795dc49 - percolate index filter and tags were empty for empty stored query (test 369)
  • c3f0bf4d - breaks of replication SST flow at network with long latency and high error rate (different data centers replication); updated replication command version to 1.03
  • ba2d6619 - joiner lock cluster on write operations after join into cluster (test 385)
  • de4dcb9f - wildcards matching with exact modifier (test 321)
  • 6524fc6a - docid checkpoints vs docstore
  • f4ab83c2 - Inconsistent indexer behavior when parsing invalid xml
  • 7b727e22 - Stored percolate query with NOTNEAR runs forever (test 349)
  • 812dab74 - wrong weight for phrase starting with wildcard
  • 1771afc6 - percolate query with wildcards generate terms without payload on matching causes interleaved hits and breaks matching (test 417)
  • aa0d8c2b - fixed calculation of 'total' in case of parallelized query
  • 18d81b3c - crash in Windows with multiple concurrent sessions at daemon
  • 84432f23 - some index settings could not be replicated
  • 93411fe6 - On high rate of adding new events netloop sometimes freeze because of atomic 'kick' event being processed once for several events a time and loosing actual actions from them
    status of the query, not the server status
  • d805fc12 - New flushed disk chunk might be lost on commit
  • 63cbf008 - inaccurate 'net_read' in profiler
  • f5379bb2 - Percolate issue with arabic (right to left texts)
  • 49eeb420 - id not picked correctly on duplicate column name
  • refactoring of network events to fix a crash in rare cases
  • e8420cc7 fix in indextool --dumpheader
  • ff716353 - TRUNCATE WITH RECONFIGURE worked wrong with stored fields

Breaking changes:

  • New binlog format: you need to make a clean stop of Manticore before upgrading
  • Index format slightly changes: the new version can read you existing indexes fine, but if you decide to downgrade from 3.6.0 to an older version the newer indexes will be unreadable
  • Replication format change: don't replicate from an older version to 3.6.0 and vice versa, switch to the new version on all your nodes at once
  • reverse_scan is deprecated. Make sure you don't use this option in your queries since 3.6.0 since they will fail otherwise
  • As of this release we don't provide builds for RHEL6, Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty any more. If it's mission critical for you to have them supported contact us


  • No more implicit sorting by id. If you rely on it make sure to update your queries accordingly
  • Search option reverse_scan has been deprecated
3 months ago