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Mailvelope 3.0.0

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5 years ago
  • GnuPG integration: connect via native messaging with a GnuPG installation and use GnuPG as an alternative backend for all OpenPGP operations.
  • New encrypted web forms feature: use Mailvelope to transmit HTML form data end-to-end encrypted with OpenPGP (
  • Support the Web Key Directory ( for decentralized public key discovery.
  • Update OpenPGP.js to 4.2 ( security fixes, support for ECC.
  • Redesign of keyring selection component and keyring management view
  • Block external HTML content in decrypted messages
  • Revise unit testing framework and increase test coverage
  • Major refactoring of keyring and model classes to support multiple OpenPGP backends
  • Add keyring fallback mechanism to find required private key for an operation across multiple keyrings
  • Public keys are synchronized across multiple keyrings
  • Authorized domains for client-API are by default HTTPS-only
  • Revise MIME parser/builder integration

Note: When updating an existing Mailvelope installation to version 3.0.0 the browser will ask the user to grant Mailvelope additional permissions for "Communicate with cooperating native applications". This permission is required to give Mailvelope access to a local GnuPG installation. If no current version of GnuPG is available on the system, then the additional permission does not have any effect.

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