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Mailvelope 2.1.0

latest releases: v5.1.2, v5.1.1, v5.1.0...
6 years ago
  • File encryption: use binary format (.gpg file extension) by default
  • Introduce dashboard view as main entry point for the application
  • Redesign of the Mailvelope menu (in browser add-on toolbar)
  • Accessibility improvements (navigation in keyring management and settings)
  • Use chrome.downloads API for key export (fix for Bugzilla #1420419)
  • Better clarity about private key export in key details UI
  • [Security] Fix Inline Security Background spoofable (Medium)
  • [Security] Fix UI Redressing via web accessible resources (Medium)
  • Unify event handling in all controllers
  • Revise modal dialog behavior of Mailvelope browser popups
  • Revert to Symmetric-Key Message Encryption of OpenPGP.js v1 for private key backup
  • Move add-on distribution from self-hosted to AMO
  • Minor bug fixes and dependency updates

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