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Mailvelope 2.0.0

latest releases: v5.1.2, v5.1.1, v5.1.0...
6 years ago
  • Complete migration of Firefox Add-on to Web Extension. Merge codebase for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Upgrade to OpenPGP.js v2
  • Support binary format for file decrypt
  • Raise file size limit for file encryption to 50 MB
  • Improve accessibility of main App UI
  • Add to list of email providers
  • Migrate main App UI to React and React Router
  • Use frameId based content script injection logic
  • Further migrate codebase to ES6
  • Move bower dependencies to npm
  • Replace PhantomJS with Karma and Chrome headless for unit testing
  • Load OpenPGP.js as npm dependency instead of using git submodules
  • Update dependencies


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