github mailvelope/mailvelope v1.7.1
Mailvelope 1.7.1

latest releases: v5.1.2, v5.1.1, v5.1.0...
7 years ago
  • Propagate preference changes in App UI to content scripts and all integrated components
  • Extract recipient tag input Angular component to separate file and wrap in React component
  • Update recipient input autocomplete after change of keyring data, newly imported keys can now directly be used in the editor
  • Update key selection for file encryption after key import
  • Fix add to whitelist function for Firefox
  • Remove unnecessary reload notice in settings
  • Refactoring key details view and keyring export
  • Add API version to body tag
  • [Security] Enforce password prompt for unmodified messages to prevent signing without user interaction
  • localization updates: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan), Norwegian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, French, Lithuanian

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