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Mailvelope 1.0.0

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8 years ago
  • API: sign PGP/MIME messages
  • API: support for signature verification in the decrypt container
  • Set password cache to on by default (30 min)
  • Deprecate Firefox 31 support
  • Improve attachment decrypt performance (Firefox)
  • Auto select right keyring when opening the settings
  • Inject content scripts in all open tabs on installation of extension
  • API: register handlers to allow backup and restore of keys and public keyring synchronization
  • API: validateKeyForAddress method returns fingerprint and lastModified date
  • API: add container to create symmetrically encrypted key backup and recovery sheet
  • API: add container to restore key and password
  • API: add container to generate key
  • API: display key details in the key import dialog
  • API: fix editor quota limit calculation
  • [OpenPGP.js] Generate keys with multiple user IDs
  • [OpenPGP.js] Use Web Crypto API to generate keys (Firefox)
  • Show reason of password request in password dialogs
  • Many style fixes and layout improvements

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