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Mailvelope 0.13.0b7

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pre-release9 years ago
  • [Client-API] Display provider logo in keyring background
  • Add spinner to EditorContainer when decrypting quotedMail
  • Redesign password entry and import key dialogs
  • [Security] Encode attachment filename
  • [Security] Update DOMPurify to 0.6.1, use jQuery output option
  • [Client-API] 'mailvelope' event is fired on window, not on document
  • [Client-API] keyring.setLogo method: then case does not reply true
  • [Client-API] getVersion method returns Promise
  • Fix endless loop in armored block detection on the mail client page
  • [Security] Update OpenPGP.js to v0.11.1, fix bug in DSA signature verification
  • [Security] Add noreferrer to external links
  • [Security] Check for ambiguous keyIds on key import
  • [Security] Validate key and user IDs of signatories
  • [Security] Open all links in message body in new window
  • [Security] Set charcode in sandboxed iframes
  • Localization updates
  • Signed Firefox XPI

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