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Mailvelope 0.12.0

latest releases: v5.1.2, v5.1.1, v5.1.0...
9 years ago
  • Settings UI: replace Kendo UI components, use templating, replace short with long key ID
  • Client-API: allow web applications to interact with Mailvelope (experimental)
  • Client-API: documentation available at:
  • Client-API: unit tests available at:
  • [OpenPGP.js] Upgrade to v0.9.0: fix zlib/zip compression bug
  • fix bug with quoted printable in armored blocks
  • support nested MIME structure in PGP/MIME
  • Enable JSCS style checking
  • use flexbox to resize editor
  • automated builds with travis-ci
  • generate RSA 4096 bit keys by default
  • restrict watchlist match pattern
  • improve MIME detection
  • defer loading of keyring
  • localization updates. New languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Slovenian

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