github macbre/analyze-css v0.9.0

This release of analyze-css brings many "under the hood" changes. However, one new metric is introduced - the number of unique colors used in CSS (#68). Hopefully, it will be helpful for both developers and designers :)

analyze-css (when used to fetch remote CSS file) will now send user agent (see #75):

analyze-css/0.9.0 (node v0.10.4, linux x64)

The full list of changes

  • #78 - Metric cssMultiClassesSelectors is not documented (reported by @gmetais)
  • #75 - Send analyze-css user agent
  • #73 - Upgrade to autoprefixer-core v4.0.0
  • #72 - Introduce js-beautify
  • #70 - Upgrade npm dependencies
  • #68 - Number of unique colors used in CSS (new metric)
latest releases: v2.0.0, v1.1.2, v1.1.1...
6 years ago