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pre-release2 days ago


This is a pre-release version of Nudge created by GitHub Actions. has been signed and notarized. The package has been signed, notarized and stapled.

By default Nudge looks for a com.github.macadmins.Nudge.json file located in /Library/Preferences. If you would like to use an alternative path, please read the README or the WIKI

About the LaunchAgent

This is a basic launch agent that opens Nudge twice an hour, every 30 minutes.
If you would like to reduce the amount of times Nudge launches per day, it is recommended to create your own LaunchAgent.



  • Moved to the new "Mac Admins Open Source" Developer Certificate
  • Developer ID is now T4SK8ZXCXG


  • 13e962a - *.plist files do not need to be executable (#441) (#465)
  • 2fd8f5b - update all used actions
  • 911e433 - try to not notarize the app
  • a5e8e44 - Update PNG icon to reflect Pixelmator file contents (#485)
  • 85c90ac - Fix branches (#488)
  • 0cafcb6 - Merge calendarDeferralUnit into main (#489)
  • dd9036b - fixed window size issue for Ventura (#490)
  • f3b9469 - move to xcode 14.3 and macos 13 runners
  • c9536a5 - add Ukrainian localization
  • f30e7d2 - temp stop doing tests due to GHA bug on macOS 13

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