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Nexus Operator v0.5.0

The Nexus Operator deploys and controls a Nexus OSS Server on Kubernetes (1.14+) and on OpenShift (4.x+) clusters.

In this release the deployment's strategy type has been changed from "rollingUpdate" to "recreate", preventing deadlock situations when persistence is enabled (see #191). spec.replicas also has been changed due to a similar reason and its value should now be either 0 or 1, disabling horizontal scaling until #61 is implemented.

IMPORTANT: this change in deployment strategy type results in a previous deployment being deleted before the new one is created, which leads to temporary unavailability while the new deployment comes up.

Our images are published on and our operator is listed in the OperatorHub catalog.


Please refer to the documentation.
If you installed using the Operator Marketplace (OLM), the upgrade should happen automatically.


  • #198 - Upgrade to Go v1.15.6
  • #199 - Upgrade to operator-sdk v1.2.0

Bug Fixes

  • #191 - Pod fails to start after modifying the Nexus resource

For a full list of resolved issues, please refer to the closed issues targeting this release.

9 months ago