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Nexus Operator v0.4.0

The Nexus Operator deploys and controls a Nexus OSS Server on Kubernetes (1.14+) and on OpenShift (4.x+) clusters.

In this release, we changed the operator to cluster-scoped mode. This means that you can install it in its own namespace and the operands (Nexus CRs) in any namespace in the cluster. There's no need to install the operator and the operand in the same namespace any more.

Our images are published on and our operator is listed in the OperatorHub catalog.

Breaking Change

On OpenShift 3.11 you might need to apply our installation script using the oc client with the flag --validate=false, since we've added some fields in the Nexus CRD that are not available in this OpenShift version (Kubernetes 1.11).


Please refer to the documentation.
If you installed using the Operator Marketplace (OLM), the upgrade should happen automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • #151 - Correct mention of Ingress Controllers on CSV
  • #157 - Server operations don't work when the Nexus CR is in a different namespace


  • #140 - Upgrade to Operator SDK 1.0.0 and new Manifest Bundle
  • #143 - Make logs prefixed with the namespace and name of the Nexus being reconciled
  • #149 - Add Maven Public repository URL to the Nexus CR Status
  • #158 - Tighten up the Role permissions
  • #161 - Nexus Operator as a Cluster Scoped Operator
  • #180 - When available, use API version for Ingresses

Known Issues

  • #129 - When exposing Nexus via NGINX Ingress on Kubernetes, users might see 413 request entity too large error

For a full list of resolved issues, please refer to the closed issues targeting this release.

latest release: v0.5.0
11 months ago