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Nexus Operator v0.3.0

The Nexus Operator deploys and controls a Nexus OSS Server on Kubernetes (1.11+) and on OpenShift (3.11, 4.x+) clusters.

In this release we did major internal changes in the operator aiming for more stability. Among the new features, we'd like to highlight the automatic minor upgrades and the automatic creation of community maven repositories out of the box. For more details please see #132 and #5.

Our images are published on and our operator is listed in the OperatorHub catalog.


Please refer to the documentation.
If you installed using the Operator Marketplace (OLM), the upgrade should happen automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • #141 - Handle conflict updates when updating Nexus CR
  • #137 - Deployments are deemed different even if there are no changes in the Nexus CR
  • #73 - Ingress comparison is not working as expected bug bug


  • #132 - Implement seamless upgrade for the community image
  • #83 - Allow the user to select the Pull Policy
  • #80 - Add Nexus3 health check using its own API endpoint
  • #67 - Customize Nexus service liveness/readiness
  • #51 - Add SCC to the Service Account in OCP
  • #5 - Unless specified otherwise, the operator should create Apache, JBoss and Red Hat maven proxies
  • #3 - Add an option to set admin default password for new installations

Known Issues

  • #129 - When exposing Nexus via NGINX Ingress on Kubernetes, users might see 413 request entity too large error

For a full list of resolved issues, please refer to the closed issues targeting this release.

latest releases: v0.5.0, v0.4.0
13 months ago