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Nexus Operator v0.2.0

The Nexus Operator deploys and controls a Nexus OSS Server on Kubernetes (1.11+) and on OpenShift (3.11, 4.x+) clusters.

In this release we worked on stability and security issues to provide users a more reliable experience while having the Nexus Server deployed in the cluster.


Due to incompatibility issues with our internal manifests and the OperatorHub catalog, we had to make some internal manifest changes. Because of this change, If you have installed the former version via OLM, you must uninstall it manually and then install this new version. In the future you won't have to do that any more, since OLM will handle the automatic updates for you.


Please refer to the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • #24 Image status are not displaying correct
  • #25 Nexus fails when deployed without persistence
  • #40 The Operator fails to start on Openshift 3.x
  • #41 Pods can't be started on OCP 3.x clusters with default configuration


  • #13 Adjust INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS to follow Resources Requirements
  • #20 Add TLS support
  • #31 Migrate to Operator SDK 0.17.0 and Go 1.14
  • #32 Improve OLM Integration

Know Issues

  • #51 Add SCC to the Service Account in OCP
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