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v1.5.1 - New: box(), roFunction and roDeviceCrypto

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17 days ago

Release Changes

  • Removed isEmpty from roPath to match Roku behavior by @lvcabral in #306
  • Allow to use AND/OR between Boolean and Numbers by @lvcabral in #307
  • Improved roEVPCipher error handling by @lvcabral in #308
  • Implemented roDeviceCrypto component by @lvcabral in #309
  • Implemented roFunction component and Box() runtime function by @lvcabral in #310
  • Improved Iterable objects to behave as Roku devices by @lvcabral in #311
  • Fixed Boxing on Numbers and Booleans by @lvcabral in #313
  • Fixed issues with roByteArray by @lvcabral in #314
  • Improved print variables method by @lvcabral in #315
  • Implemented slice() method in roArray under ifArraySlice

Full Changelog: v1.5.0...v1.5.1

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