github lutris/lutris v0.4.15

  • Add RPCS3 runner
    • Prevent Lutris from killing Steam if it's downloading a game
    • Add option to run DRM free Steam games without opening Steam
    • Add custom-name directive for install scripts
    • Set default Wine architecture to 64bit
    • Add support for DXVK in Wine games
    • Prioritize libraries in /usr/lib over the Lutris runtime
    • Disable Lutris runtime on Wine games if Wine is installed globally
    • Download recent wine version if the system installed one is too old
    • Record installation date of games
    • Add option for menu mode key in MESS
    • Support hard disk images for FS-UAE
    • Various UI fixes
latest releases: v0.5.8.1, 0.5.8, 0.5.8-rc...
2 years ago