github lunaryorn/mdcat mdcat-0.22.0


  • Enable OSC8 hyperlinks in Kitty (see [GH-165]).
    Kitty supports hyperlinks since version 0.19, see Kitty GH-68.
    Note that mdcat unconditionally prints hyperlinks if it detects a kitty terminal.
    It makes no attempt to detect whether the Kitty version is compatible or the allow_hyperlinks setting is enabled.
  • mdcat --version (but not mdcat -V) now informs whether HTTP/HTTPS support is builtin or requires curl.
  • mdcat now includes a manpage (see GH-167).


  • mdcat now asks the controlling terminal for the terminal size and thus correctly detects the terminal size even if standard input, s>
  • mdcat no longer requires kitty icat to detect the size of kitty windows (see GH-166).
    Consequently mdcat can now show images on Kitty terminals even over SSH.
  • mdcat --help no longer uses colours, and always wraps at 80 characters now.
latest release: mdcat-0.22.2
3 months ago