github lunaryorn/mdcat mdcat-0.20.0


  • mdcat::TerminalCapabilities now exposes constructors for specific terminal emulators.
  • Render reference link definitions as inline links if possible (see GH-149).
    This mainly affects image links inside inline links which get rendered as reference links.
  • mdcat::Environment now contains all environment information required to render properly, namely the local hostname and the base URL.


  • mdcat::push_tty now takes an mdcat::Environment instead of base_dir.
    base_dir is now part of mdcat::Environment.
  • Image links now use purple foreground text (see GH-140 and GH-149).
  • Image links render as inline links if the terminal does not support inline images and the image is not inside another link (see GH-141).
  • mdcat::TerminalCapabilities now uses Option to denote missing capabilities.


  • Always treat links targets as URLs, never as paths.
  • On ITerm2 only use the last segment of image URLs as filename for inline images (see GH-149).
    Previously mdcat used the full URL based on a misunderstanding of the Inline Images Protocol.
latest releases: mdcat-0.22.2, mdcat-0.22.0, mdcat-0.22.1...
6 months ago