github lunaryorn/mdcat mdcat-0.18.0


  • Add mdcat::Error as type alias to std::io::Error.


  • New simpler rendering algorithm (see GH-142) which solves numerous rendering issues (see below).
  • Handle internal errors with anyhow to add more context to errors (see GH-139).
  • mdcat::push_tty only fails with std::io::Error: mdcat never visibly
    fails unless it can’t write output.


  • Respect --local-only and resource access policy; this got lost in some
    refactoring (see GH-146).
  • Consistent margins and newlines around paragraphs, HTML blocks and inside list
    items (see GH-142).
  • Correctly indent nested code blocks in lists and block quotes (see GH-142).
  • No longer print leading blank lines before lists (see GH-142).
  • Correctly indent block quotes (see GH-142).
  • Colorize the entire text of links (see GH-142).
latest releases: mdcat-0.22.2, mdcat-0.22.0, mdcat-0.22.1...
7 months ago