github luin/ioredis v2.0.0-rc4

latest releases: v5.3.1, v5.3.0, v5.2.6...
pre-release6 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • reconnect when ready check failed(3561fab)
  • remove data handler when flushing command queue(b1c761c)
  • won't emit error again when password is wrong(dfdebfe)


  • add dropBufferSupport option to improve the performance (#293)(1a8700c)
  • add support for Node.js v6 (#295)(a87f405)
  • emit authentication related errors with "error" event(9dc25b4)
  • print logs for unhandled error event(097fdbc)


  • Authentication related errors are emited with "error" event,
    instead of "authError" event

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