github louketo/louketo-proxy 1.0.0-alpha.1

Today, we are happy to announce the first release of Louketo. As planned some time ago the Gatekeeper repository was renamed to Louketo Proxy and now has a new home. This will enable us to build together with the OSS community a neutral and fully standard-based proxy solution with application developers in mind.

What's New in Version 1.0.0-alpha.1

  • Refactor of the codebase
  • Migration of all the documentation from the Keycloak to Louketo organization
  • Upgrade of some deprecated dependencies
  • A set of bug fixes and improvements
  • We also spent some time automating most of the stuff to pave the way for future releases


  • 3f64894 Make equality fuzzy in TestGetWithin (#631)
  • 48c72c0 Update to (#632)
  • 33c23da Use HTTP 303 for redirects, instead HTTP 307 (#627)
  • 9fd264c Automate Louketo releases (#615)
  • f623dee Pass URI path upstream verbatim (#528 #483)
  • a0cad52 Migrate Gatekeeper documentation to Louketo repository (#610)
  • 9079de6 GH templates for bug reports and feature requests are not working (#617)
  • 3905412 Replace satori/go.uuid by gofrs/uuid (#611)
  • 906a8fe Create a GitHub templates for pull-requests and new issues #522
  • 8e8510a Run golangci-lint as part of pull request workflow #604
  • c500821 Migrate the codebase from Gatekeeper repository #516


Special thanks to the following individuals who submitted changes and also helped with the code review:

  • @snowjet
  • @Nuru
  • @chirino
  • @JoelSpeed
  • @ackerleytng
  • @jangaraj
  • @ASzc
latest release: 1.0.0
pre-release3 months ago