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Longhorn v1.0.0-rc3 release

Upgrade from/to a release candidate is not supported.


  1. Automatically detach the volume for Deployment when the node is down. Currently
    Kubernetes has an issue that it will not automatically detach the volume from the pod if the node is down. We are planning to enable Longhorn to detach the volume from a Deployment pod if it's stuck on a down node by removing the VolumeAttachment automatically. In addition, we're planning to implement something similar to node fencing in Longhorn v1.1.0 to address a similar issue with StatefulSet.
  2. Support custom CA for Backupstore. This feature will allow the user to bring in their own CA certificate to Longhorn. This is useful for setting up a Backupstore in an air gap installation.
  3. Automatically disable Longhorn node scheduling when cordoned. Currently Longhorn will continue to schedule more replicas to a cordoned node. This behavior may not be consistent with what users would expect. This feature will give users an option to define the desired Longhorn behavior, including disabling node scheduling automatically when a node is cordoned.

Release Note:

  1. The following settings' default value has been tweaked. Even though the change will only apply to the newly installed system, but we recommend following the new default setting value if possible. See the document for more details:
    1. The default replica anti-affinity setting has been changed from soft to hard.
    2. The default GuaranteedEngineCPU has been changed from 0 to 0.25.
      1. Notice the change of this setting will result in recreating all the instance managers on the node, so all the attached volumes will be detached and interrupt the data flow. We highly recommend the users to perform this change after making sure all the volumes are detached, e.g. during the upgrade/maintenance window.
  2. The driver name io.rancher.longhorn used by pre-v0.7.0 release is no longer supported. You can follow the steps here to convert your old PVs.


The only supported upgrade path is offline upgrade from v0.8.1 to v1.0.0. See the document for more details.

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