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LocalStack 3.3 is here with a host of new features and enhancements. This release includes support for running ECS tasks on Kubernetes, improved performance for DynamoDB Streams and Kinesis, and a new experimental web server implementation for high-throughput scenarios.

AWS Features

  • ECS tasks now can be run when LocalStack is deployed on Kubernetes. To enable this feature, set ECS_TASK_EXECUTOR=kubernetes. Tasks can be added to ELB load balancer target groups. (🌟 enterprise)
  • Lambda now supports the new Dotnet8 runtime.
  • Multi-label support is now available for Neptune service. (🌟 pro)
  • Filters for list operations and parameters for discover operations is now available in ECS service discovery. (🌟 pro)
  • GraphQL APIs created locally by CloudFormation can now be created with tags. (🌟 pro)
  • Support for routing of CloudFront aliases to the correct CloudFront distribution is now available. (🌟 pro)
  • Support for wildcards in CORS config (eg: http://* ) is now available in the S3 service.
  • Support for ECS Optimised Service Integration, state size quota limits, MaxItem, MaxItemPath , handling of States.DataLimitExceeded errors, and StepFunctions Activities in the Step Functions service.
  • Support for using external SAML providers (e.g., Auth0) as an identity pool IdP in the Cognito service. (🌟 pro)


  • LocalStack now stops and removes underlying EC2 containers while shutting down. You can opt to skip the removal by setting the EC2_REMOVE_CONTAINERS flag. (🌟 pro)
  • IoT Device Shadow Service now supports DeleteThingShadow API. (🌟 pro)
  • MWAA Airflow runners now come with Java Corretto pre-installed. (🌟 pro)
  • ARM-based Lambda functions now feature improved test coverage covering all AWS-supported Lambda runtimes.
  • Significant performance improvements when DynamoDB Streams or Kinesis destinations are configured for a table (over 15x more throughput for BatchWriteItem API).
  • Significant performance improvements when sending large INSERT or COPY queries for PostgreSQL database in the RDS service. (🌟 pro)
  • Default endpoint returned by ECR has been changed to include the Account ID and region for better parity. This can be configured using the new configuration variable ECR_ENDPOINT_STRATEGY . (🌟 pro)
  • Several enhancements for the Step Functions service, including API Actions validation, Map states, JsonPath extraction, and much more!

LocalStack Features

  • Support for a new experimental web server implementation that has improved performance for high-throughput scenarios. You can activate it using GATEWAY_SERVER=twisted .
  • New Resource Browser for the CodeCommit service. (🌟 pro)


  • Deprecated six Lambda runtimes including :

    • python3.7
    • nodejs14.x
    • ruby2.7
    • provided
    • go1.x
    • java8

    LocalStack prints a deprecation warning but you can still use deprecated runtimes

What's Changed

Exciting New Features 🎉

  • Remove legacy CFn models by @dominikschubert in #10304
  • fix functhread daemon status and tmp_thread cleanup by @thrau in #10404
  • add twisted gateway server by @thrau in #9834
  • implement SQS DLQ redrive to original source queue by @thrau in #10414
  • remove contrib package by @thrau in #10424
  • make SQS dynamic endpoint strategy guess the endpoint strategy used by @thrau in #10416
  • fix SQS DLQ message attributes and redrive into multiple source queues by @thrau in #10425
  • use rolo twisted gateway integration by @thrau in #10428
  • Support XML responses in api gateway templating by @shucoshuco in #10381
  • Feat/firehose add redshift destination by @maxhoheiser in #10375
  • KMS: Fixup ImportKeyMaterial for non-symmetric keys by @uubk in #10116
  • Update lambda runtime deprecations and fix Lambda ARM builds by @joe4dev in #10441
  • Support custom key material when creating KMS keys by @jalaziz in #10379
  • add resource provider for Iam Server Certificate by @pinzon in #10455
  • Move version single source outside of by @silv-io in #10497

Other Changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v3.2.0...v3.3.0

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