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LocalStack v2.1.0 is finally here! With new features like OpenSearch 2.5 support and cross-account compatibility, this release is a incremental step for streamlining your AWS development. Read on for the full run-down of what's new and what's changed. 🚀

AWS features

  • Support for OpenSearch 2.5 has been added and it is now compatible with AWS Kinesis Data Firehose.
  • Cross-account support is now available for SQS queues, Lambda functions and layers, and KMS keys.
  • IoT now supports registry events, lifecycle events and DynamoDB topic rule. (🌟 pro)
  • IoT MQTT broker now supports MQTT v5 and QoS limit. (🌟 pro)
  • RDS now supports PostgresSQL 10, 14 and 15. (🌟 pro)
  • MWAA now supports Airflow 2.5.1. (🌟 pro)
  • AppSync JavaScript resolvers is now supported to allow users to express processing logic in JavaScript. (🌟 pro)

LocalStack features

  • DynamoDB ships with DynamoDB Local in the LocalStack Docker image to improve the start-up time.
  • DynamoDB CRUD operations have been improved and are now 20% faster.
  • Base Docker image is updated from Debian Buster to Debian Bullseye.
  • KMS keys, SQS queues, Lambda functions and layers can now be accessed cross-account using ARNs.
  • LocalStack can now issue and accept structured Access Key IDs.
  • Developer Hub — Users can now filter sample applications based on services, complexity level, infrastructure provider, programming languages, and Cloud Pods support.

What's Changed

Other Changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.0.2...v2.1.0

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