github liyasthomas/marcdown v0.3.0

💄 Updated dark mode colors

⚡️ Improved Google fonts render with font-display property

📦 Workbox -> v4.3.1

✏️ Added Code of Conduct link

✨ Added install PWA banner button

📦 Updated highlightjs

📸 Updating screenshots

💄 Added separator line between editor and preview

💄 Editor and preview will now split vertically on mobile/tablet devices

⚡️ App theme color will now match dark mode

💄 Minor UI improvements

✨ Marcdown Library

✏️ Fixed typo

🐛 Fixed inline code appending to new line

✨ Added seperate inline code ande code block buttons

✨ Added MathJax support

🐛 Bug fixes

✨ Updated features list

🔖 v0.3.0

latest release: v0.3.5
15 months ago