github linuxserver/docker-syncthing v1.27.4-ls136

latest releases: v1.27.6-ls139, v1.27.6-ls138, v1.27.5-ls137...
22 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19.

syncthing Changes:


  • #9369: Panic in ignore matching on invalid UTF-8 from filesystem watcher
  • #9435: syncthing should be cgroup aware


  • #9339: File system watcher should skip ignored directories in more cases
  • #9357: Set GOMAXPROCS quota aware in Linux containers

Other issues:

  • #9386: typo in folder_sendrecv.go refrences nonexistent type dbUpdateShourtcutFile
  • #9389: typo: ComplectionCompletion ?

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