github linuxserver/docker-swag 1.15.0-ls60

LinuxServer Changes:

Existing users should update: nginx.conf, ssl.conf, proxy.conf, and the default site-conf - Rework nginx.conf to be inline with alpine upstream and relocate lines from other files. Use wheel index for pip packages. Switch to using ffdhe4096 for dhparams.pem per RFC7919. Added worker_processes.conf, which sets the number of nginx workers, and resolver.conf, which sets the dns resolver. Both conf files are auto-generated only on first start and can be user modified later.
PIP Changes:

Updating PIP version of certbot to 1.15.0

latest releases: 1.17.0-ls74, 1.17.0-ls73, 1.17.0-ls72...
2 months ago