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9 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19.

Plex-Meta-Manager Changes:

Requirements Update (requirements will need to be reinstalled)

Updated gitpython requirement to 3.1.43
Updated lxml requirement to 5.2.1
Updated pillow requirement to 10.3.0
Updated plexapi requirement to 4.15.11
Updated psutil requirement to 5.9.8
Updated python-dotenv requirement to 1.0.1
Updated python-dateutil requirement to 2.9.0.post0
Updated ruamel.yaml requirement to 0.18.6
Updated setuptools requirement to 69.2.0
Updated tmdbapis requirement to 1.2.9

Removed Features

Due to FlixPatrol moving a lot of their data behind a paywall and them reworking their pages to remove IMDb IDs and TMDb IDs the flixpatrol builders and default files have been removed. There currently are no plans to re-add them.

New Features

Added new BoxOfficeMojo Builder - credit to @nwithan8 for the suggestion and initial code submission
Added monitor_existing to sonarr and radarr. To update the monitored status of items existing in plex to match the monitor declared.
Added Gotify as a notification service. Thanks @krstn420 for the initial code.
Added Trakt and MyAnimeList Authentication Page allowing users to authenticate against those services directly from the wiki. credit to @chazlarson for developing the script
Added TVDb filters
Cache TMDb Episode Calls
Added Direct Rating Overlays without having to update the rating in plex
Added TPDb Rate Limit


Reworked PMM Default Streaming Collections and Overlays to utilize TMDB Watch Provider data, allowing users to customize regions without relying on mdblist. This data will be more accurate and up-to-date now.

  • As a result of this change, if you are using custom images with this defaults file, you must replace any mention of <> in the filename with <<originals_key>>.
    Added new trakt_chart attributes network_ids, studio_ids, votes, tmdb_ratings, tmdb_votes, imdb_ratings, imdb_votes, rt_meters, rt_user_meters, metascores and removed the deprecated network attribute
    Trakt Builder trakt_userlist value recommendations removed and favorites added.
    Mass Update operations now can be given a list of sources to fall back on when one fails including a manual source.
    mass_content_rating_update has a new source mdb_age_rating
    mass_originally_available_update has a new source mdb_digital
    plex attributes clean_bundles, empty_trash, and optimize can now take any schedule options to be run only when desired.
    Allows users to use the Admin username when specifying playlist users. Thanks @benbou8231!
    Allows verify_ssl to be set specifically for plex. Thanks @FestiveKyle!
    Updated Plex Item Advance Preferences.
    Add new Overlay Special Text Options to directly print ratings to overlays without operations.


Bug Fixes

Fixed the Rate Limit on MDbList calls
Fixed collection fields being locked during batch edits when they shouldn't be
Fixed awards dynamic collections where latest wasn't pulling the correct values
Fixed imdb_watchlist
Fixed trakt_userlist
Fixed an issue where sometimes the resolution default overlay would be off center
Fixed multiple issues with playlist deletion. Thanks @benbou8231!
Fixed an issue where dynamic collection errors would sometimes appear before the title of the Dynamic Collection.
Fixed IMDb Null issue
Fixed mapper operations not working without a mass update operation
Fixed episode rating mass update operations
Fixed metadata backup issue where Artist, Album, and Track ratings were not being backed up
Fixed an issue with the IMDb hash changing
Fixes #1960 and #1962

Various other Minor Fixes

Closed legacy issues on GitHub

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