github linuxserver/docker-nzbhydra2 v6.0.0-ls5

one month ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Deprecate armhf. As announced here

nzbhydra2 Changes:


Feature I've completely rewritten the wrapper for windows. It's not a packaged python script anymore but an actually compiled binary. This has a couple of benefits: No more false positives from virus scanners (VirusTotal shows 5/72). No more temporary files not being cleaned up after a crash. The files are (a bit) smaller.
I don't plan to compile the wrapper for anything but windows as it makes more sense and is easier to run the python wrapper instead.

Feature The temp folder can be set using the environment variable NZBHYDRA_TEMP_FOLDER. See #984

Fix IPs or usernames were not shown in the history. See #932

Fix Removed annoying and misleading warning regarding memory leaks when shutting down process.

Fix Improved logging of outdated wrappers.

Fix Properly remove system tray icon after shutdown

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