github linuxserver/docker-nzbhydra2 v3.11.0-ls7

pre-release3 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Reorganize container, Relocate app to /app/nzbhydra2/bin, Create /app/nzbhydra2/package_info, Use from zip.
nzbhydra2 Changes:

v3.11.0 (2021-01-31)

Feature Implemented rate limiting for certain indexers which don't allow more than x hits in x seconds. If you know of such an indexer please let me know as this is hard coded and not configurable.

Feature Added option to disable "What's new" button after an automatic update was installed.

Fix Validate backup folder when saving config.

Fix Allow direct input for indexer color.

Fix Fixed an issue where animetosho results would show up as a warning in the log. The indexer contains NZB and/or torrent links combined in one feed. When you made an NZB or torrent search and a result only contained a link for the other type this would be shown as a warning. This message will now only be shown on debug level.

Fix Improve the connection check to sabNZBd so that false positives should be reduced (.i.e in NZBHydra connecting successfully to a proxy or other server is not interpreted as successful connection check).

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