github linuxserver/docker-nzbhydra2 v3.0.0-ls17

pre-release3 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Reorganize container, Relocate app to /app/nzbhydra2/bin, Create /app/nzbhydra2/package_info, Use from zip.
nzbhydra2 Changes:

v3.0.0 BETA (2020-10-17)

Feature NZBHydra now allows to send and show notifications for certain events. You can request events on the Github Issue.

Fix Reduced the percentage of correct results an indexer must return for an ID based search for that ID to be determined to be usable for searches. This will hopefully make the caps check recognize more supported IDs without any false positives.

Fix Shorten torrent file names exceeding the maximum path length.

Fix Query generation was not properly used for indexers which support a certain search type but no IDs.

Fix Show a warning when more than 3 logging markers are enabled. Please only enabled them when requested by me. They reduce the performance and produce lots of irritating log output which hurts more than it helps unless I actually need it.

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