github linuxserver/docker-nzbhydra2 dev-v5.3.2-ls137

pre-release3 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Deprecate armhf. As announced here

nzbhydra2 Changes:

v5.3.2 (2023-11-18)

Feature Slightly changed the search results layout: Increased table width, increased title space, reduced row height. Let me know what you think.

Fix Windows release of 5.3.1 crashed on startup. I didn't catch that because my build pipeline only runs the linux executable and usually they behave the same. See #889

Fix Windows wrappers didn't run on Windows 7. As you can see getting everything to work properly on windows is a pain in the ass. See #889

Note If you're on windows you will probably get some errors on startup related to DLLs that could not be loaded. You can ignore these. They should be gone after you've updated the wrapper exes.

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