github linuxserver/docker-nzbhydra2 dev-v5.1.4-ls104

pre-release12 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Update release URL for arch-specific packages.

nzbhydra2 Changes:


Feature Added flags to enable some checks in the wrapper to make it easier for package maintainer. See #847

Fix The python2 wrapper didn't work. See #845

Fix Improved handling of shutdown and unexpected errors in the windows wrapper executable.

Fix Fix 'undefined' error when trying to access various functions like sending URLs to your downloader. This was caused by a change in the framework where URLs with trailing slashes would not be matched anymore. See #844

Fix Provide better error messages when UI functions failed. Hopefully this time without fucking up authentication...

Fix The ID search fix I added in 5.1.2? It only works for TV search. I had tested the indexers with query based TV searches and it worked and I had assumed it would work with movies as well. But that would be too easy, wouldn't it? NZBGeek does supporty any keyword in the TV search, but not for movies. Dog and NZBGeek do support keywords in movies, but they keywords are only applied to the title, so you can't provide the quality, i.e. you can's search for a movie by ID and filter it by quality (e.g. 1080p). As I can't properly determine if a query is to be part of the title or of the rest I will switch to regular searches whenever TV or movie searches are used for these indexers with queries present. See #842

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