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pre-release24 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Reorganize container, Relocate app to /app/nzbhydra2/bin, Create /app/nzbhydra2/package_info, Use from zip.

nzbhydra2 Changes:

v4.2.0 (2022-03-04)

Feature Add entry to display options to always show result titles. By default they're hidden when grouping results with the same name. See #763

Feature Add dismiss button to banner shown after an automatic update has been installed. See #737

Fix Use link to comments as detail link for torznab results. For some indexer the details would previously go to the download link. See #758

Fix Only show video related quick filter buttons when searching in a TV or movie category. See #732

Note I'm currently testing a new version of the database library. This new version may hopefully be a bit more performant, may result in smaller database files (for those suffering from very larg ones) and / or give me options to fine tune how data is compacted (for those where a lot of IO is produced). Unfortunately it means that the old database needs to be migrated which is always a bit hairy. If you're interested in helping me by testing an alpha version please leave me a note in this github Issue.

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