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LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19.

mylar3 Changes:

IMP: (DDL) Allow additonal downloading from mega, mediafire and pixeldrain links when using DDL GC.
IMP: (DDL -- config.ini) ddl_priority_order can be customized to set the priority order in which the DDL links will be attempted
IMP: (DDL) Will cycle thru ddl_priority_order in sequence attempting each link as it gets to it, until link is able to be downloaded or link exhaustion occurs
IMP: Don't post-process or scan extensions if provided in ignore_search_words
IMP: listAnnualSeries api endpoint added
IMP: (DDL) Additional add-on server entry for DDL
IMP: (DDL) Improved Pack parsing / detection
IMP: Dupechecker will now prioritize (F#)/(f#) in filenames as 'Fixed' over normally named files or lower numbered (f#)
IMP: Pack issue # tracking will track issues that belong to a particular pack so individually queueing issues within pack before it's completed, will not redownload issues belonging to the pack.
IMP: Added Link column to DDL Manage page (display which type of link was/is being used)
IMP: (DDL --> Manage) Adjusted column widths & spacing to correct some double-lines occurring
IMP: (DDL --> Manage) Show pack issue range for packs as opposed to showing the individual item that was being searched for
IMP: Notification of packs being downloaded will now show which DDL link was used to download as well as complete name of pack
IMP: Update current default user_agent string to a more current string
IMP: CT will now use user_agent string defined by Mylar as opposed to a random generic one on each request (if not updated, will force-update it accordingly)
IMP: Removed individual provider entries for nzbsu and dognzb from GUI, now treated as newznabs. If enabled, will be converted to newznab entry provided doesn't already exist as a newznab.
IMP: If CV indicates series year does not exist (ie. 2099) instead of using 2099, will use year of first issue or if not invalid, current year
IMP: When refreshing/adding a series that has a directory created with the incorrect year (2099), rename existing directory using correct year
IMP: Allow for future removal of outdated config.ini options with BAD_DEFINITIONS code
IMP: CV Api Key entry field on configuration page proper placeholder of None so will auto-remove value prior to typing in field
IMP: Add option to remove SABnzbd completed downloads from SABnzbd history
IMP: ASCII art logo added to startup sequence (cause why not, right?)
IMP: Test python module requirements prior to actually starting the program - failure will result in application exit with appropriate log messages
IMP: Basic configuration check started - comic location failure on existence/creation/permissions will throw a popup error until resolved
IMP: Filter input box on Watchlist page & searchresults page will accept exlusion filters preceded by (:-)
IMP: (#1473) Weeklypull will honor ignore_publishers when displaying the weekly pullist
IMP: Wildcards () are acceptable in the ignore_publishers value in the config.ini (ie. panini)
IMP: scheduled searches will have status checked prior to actually searching (cannot be in a Downloaded or Snatched status) unless it was initiated manually (ie. magnifying glass search)
IMP: Added Remove option to DDL table options so items that are stuck in a Start/Incomplete status can be removed
IMP: Detect and handle CV reusing existing ComicIDs via GUI Dialog (Keep / Delete) (see #1506)
IMP: Status color-coded legend to the bottom of the main watchlist/index page
IMP: format_booktype now set to True by default (allows use of $Type in folder format)
IMP: Post-Processing option is now enabled by default
IMP: default usenet_retention set to 3500 days.
IMP: default enforce_permissions set to False
IMP: default metatagging option cmtag_start_year_as_volume set to True
IMP: requirements.txt (added): pycryptodome, tenacity

FIX: Annuals were written to incorrect table sometimes resulting in status/filename being locked in db and unable to remove
FIX: Annuals that had the year present in the annual name and no issue number would not be recognized during series scans
FIX: (carepackage) when creating carepackage, if requirements were set to == would cause error if it was higher/lower versioning
FIX: Volume of series on cv > 10 would not be recognized as such when adding/refreshing series
FIX: Parsing of files that had part /volume would fail when part was part of the series title
FIX: One-shots with no issue number (but year is present) in filename will now be properly accounted for in series rechecks if booktype is set correctly
FIX: Removed some incorrect logger.warn references so that will log regardless of language
FIX: Error when removing directory that doesn't physically exist where it was recorded as being (delete series option)
FIX: (searchresults --> Edit) would not update comic location path when booktype was changed via dropdown
FIX: (searchresults --> Edit) GN was incorrectly labelled as GC within the booktype dropdown
FIX: Incorrect status colours for annuals when integration is enabled (Archived, Ignored)
FIX: Improper parsing of sabnzbd version in with newer versions would cause errors when checking / sending to sabnzbd
FIX: Remove depreciated imghdr module in lieu of using pillow (
FIX: Replace depreciated SafeConfigParser call from configparser when generating carepackage
FIX: Depreciation of pkg_resources - use packaging now (addition to requirements)
FIX: Ensure index page will load if provider_order is in error for some reason
FIX: Index page would display Unknown variations for published date when invalid instead of N/A
FIX: Ensure post-processing would be allowed for CV series that have been removed from CV but retained as is within Mylar
FIX: Mass publishers variable would sometimes be in an incorrect type (str) as opposed to type (list) which would cause the mass publishers job to not run
FIX: Selecting All checkbox on seriesdetail page will now select only relevant table (issues / annuals) as opposed to both
FIX: Discord notifications would always throw a could not send notification log message, but notif would be sent ok
FIX: When parsing results of DDL, if pack was detected and an invalid issue number was parsed, would traceback
FIX: DDL --> mediafire would try to get filesize of file that could possibly not exist due to failure resulting in traceback error
FIX: DDL --> traceback when count of links discovered would be more than indicated, not using any links discovered prior to the invalid count check
FIX: DDL --> traceback due to invalid variable reference (comicinfo[[0]['pack'])
FIX: DDL --> prefer upscaled option would incorrectly assume SD-Digital instead of just a normal/undefined labelling of said issue
FIX: Removal of () in folder structure
FIX: Link to CV for items within collected editions
FIX: Searchresults filter would filter everything if used
FIX: Casing when invoking updater.dbUpdate (@cwar)
FIX: (#1510) Adding by comicid would result in error in GUI, but series would still add successfully.
FIX: (#1508) Typo in logger when viewing a Paused series that contained annuals
FIX: (#1507) .Black and .White numbering exceptions added
FIX: When popup appeared, would open all hidden/minimized options in config page if tab was open
FIX: Infinity numbering vs Infinity in series name fix
FIX: Would fail to set selection when previous failures resulted in main link being used
FIX: Remove some additional information from cleaned ini due to previous config additions
FIX:(#1502) sabnzbd version detection problem on startup re: versioning format
FIX: Numeric sort for issue number column on Watchlist and Wanted pages instead of alpha-based
FIX: Booktype will default to Print instead of None
FIX: Error when searching for items being returned no issue numbers
FIX: Ensure Minimum & Maximum filesize restrictions contain only numerics
FIX: Feedparser would blow up (traceback error) when parsing non-digital dates in some cases
FIX: StoryArcs -> Search For Missing button would traceback when initiating the search
FIX: series.json creation as per schema (update to v1.0.2), FIX: proper reload of issues table on regeneration of json
FIX: Subset DDL site(s) to better handle failures/failed marking
FIX: Folder monitor would die on lock, FIX: spamming pack exclusions
FIX: html_cache in cache_dir for GC html files so won't redownload html file until item is successfully downloaded.
FIX: html_cache location added to cleanup_cache section
FIX: Better handling of corrupt images being retrieved from CV (will retry alternate image size if available)
FIX: dbupdater would error when attempting to merge previous_failed_id info into a non-existent dictionary
FIX: Wanted page may not display if IssueNumber field is blank or some other field is empty. Will attempt to default to ComicName.
FIX: DDL ReQueue / Restart would throw a red popup warning due to invalid reference (One-Shot) on Manage DDL page
FIX: DDL -> If it was the first link used, would cause a traceback when clearing the queue of the id
FIX: DDL --> If it was a retry/requeue, would error on attempting to preload a variable that's not really needed (one-shot) / site name
FIX: DDL --> When initiating a ReQueue/Restart, the resume option will only be attempted if it a main server GC link
FIX: StoryArcs:
--> Search for Missing would fail during post-processing due to invalid variable reference in db table
--> Search for Missing would use invalid issueid when attempting to post-process when downloading resulting in traceback
--> Search for Missing will now mark issues belonging to watchlisted series as Wanted if not already in that status
--> Search for Missing option now indicates what it does on mouseover

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