github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.52-ls107

LinuxServer Changes:

Add icu-data-full to address ICU issue with Cyrillic character sets.

Jackett Changes:


  • efc16029363c48b1c29cc011ba8d34455a5bc8d1 trezzor: update, add separate cookie indexer. resolves #14376 (#14379)
  • 906b8e1ff836c6f05629b046a063d765223c37e0 index.html: fix for= not using id. #14375
  • bf4228b0dc09c4fa91c0d253303e84f8e253abd5 assorted: update trusted certs (#14378)
  • 0a00e4edcd8e2b57fbcad1bab332cc403943a2f2 turktorrent: add new cat
  • abbf37060d13f582dc74da3dc52286391353968a generationfree: update freeleech search and add info about web site participation
  • f6108ee852400bf32b7fd1bf7d43c5578729188e torrentsir: bump domain
  • a6bde9f001f707852adb50d6933b2d124c0feb77 torrentqq: bump domain
  • 2594fdba13ac43f0f06a7d1a404cebb60c46896b bakabt: add freeleech only option (#14377)
  • 97873506e345098668ba0aaaa2e4eae0b2dbce7a assorted unit3d v5 and v6: remove redundant and page 1

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