github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.2424-ls376

27 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19. Deprecate development tag as upstream is publishing nightly stable releases.

Jackett Changes:


  • 98b548d11fc599599bba0418ed4bc754b9441b8e dontorrent; new domain
  • caba32daf57d65bb0a718ff951f1f63030779c4b rudub: change subdomain 21*
  • 78bd24e74e32138e59562fbab63e1d25abc36b6d mdan: trap too many users error
  • ad3784e1005a925b61321fe6e1c0943b4bb1a810 rapidzona; trap mysql error
  • 181928364d423fa2ee9422dbd7c4954c7bfe0302 mendigosdaweb: removed. resolves #14987
  • a9305e0f71f64851a95b1f435c967d395997689c removed. resolves #11255
  • 52db596434e80cdfbdfbdbe16fcee06f38667907 crnaberza: new cats
  • 35be987328f65591c415033192c65f4f5e7b9cb7 GUI: allow dismissal of external-access-warning. resolves #15260

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