github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.2265-ls357

21 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19. Deprecate development tag as upstream is publishing nightly stable releases.

Jackett Changes:


  • 158371c8e36b96c5b365e667940086fab384a09b assorted unit3d v8: bump engine tags
  • 928892d947bd1ce9a99075542fba351f5747cb38 itatorrents: -> 8.0.2
  • dd267951c8e41d0230c753f9b111d7226bc8fbd3 lst: -> 8.0.2
  • b29e218e4d4650e4b2a4d118990537dab31d1aad ubits: bump engine tag
  • 39a177c646809c3355d0db15b4b952c6703b2839 Revert "digitalcore: fix TZ"
  • c662037eac1aea77e3c086b1eadfa282b4395f89 aither: -> 8.0.1
  • 6af6ad05a918fdb7ac9e1ccf8421170e8e0046e9 rudub: new domain
  • 69c6d79465f3e88a9fc0802e801b57ad564c1c21 torrent9clone: new domain resolves #15217
  • 16130f5989fae7352dcbf7d783f4a11bf611cd29 vsttorrents: switched back to old domain
  • afc7c329ae22ee70eec1c5a54c1b0daf5fd667d0 assorted unit3d: bump engine tags

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