github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.2258-ls356

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19 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19. Deprecate development tag as upstream is publishing nightly stable releases.

Jackett Changes:


  • 8d7d39f52096a9d2f81318d2a724c09940c85059 hd4fans: -> v1.8.8
  • 6f32bcab5ba60ac766b6070bd25ed3760048ef75 freefarm: add flaresolverr info, bump engine tag
  • 84823a06d9feaaf574954a108632f0c727b3a062 3changtrai: add flaresolverr info
  • 99add5417e7306e02de96dc34e27289ee37bdb51 assorted nexus: bump engine tag
  • 3b173e96e72dbfaf19fc800bb08854ded2f563af rustorka: change to https
  • 53551768d385d7fa8aec6133ad9995bf6534c740 D-U: new login
  • 93939d130cc20cec7d7f91af79004e2a61fe5e29 world-of-tomorrow: allow for aprilfools day login
  • 6af5f74fb024213a67fa14544214e190aecfaecb torrentcsv: add size to keywordless search fake result

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