github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.2212-ls352

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24 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.19. Deprecate development tag as upstream is publishing nightly stable releases.

Jackett Changes:


  • b4f1b1cc1506c253313e55fd8917ecd1cbdcbe7a torrentsir: bump domain
  • b120cd98cb5c6cb410fabe493b90b3fd01f81385 m-teamtp: update config info. resolves #15209
  • c75253a87b4458c6e0401c8b0c3d8f247ad4a8d4 Update
  • 2ae0a35a3478329bc7bd173c95eb10004c18a051 m-teamtp: add config info for apikey. #15209
  • d2b12f1578bb1ac8b00b3b6cd6c8ec186cb82116 hdt-lafenice: add Italian private tracker. resolves #15206 (#15208)
  • 812820e44361b639092b63f84bf748753b7f7e7d kelu: add Chinese private tracker. resolves #15205 (#15207)
  • d79c83723f5b603c75ceacb8abda7bee938556ff rotorrent: add requestdelay, using 2 paths
  • e6e1d09c2a712fe6de6e098ee666004069c0aeb3 rutracker: change name to *.org #15204
  • c02b66a4e567446e8336c70842a74985792b3470 shizaproject: removed. resolves #13762
  • d1e2f2852b6bff91a9842f62a3686d202467729d huntorrent: skip extra page before torrent file (#15202)
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  • de7d452cd4a2488f7f26d7e88e107531c844a86f vsttorrents: switch domains
  • df0d39e3e44e0e884be2745493c53e96d6d4caa8 torrentqq: bump domain
  • f082aa807311b0a82baf0ef3bef56448a54170a7 torrent9clone: new domain
  • 4425f226d0a10d7ab23256350a3c8dc39b27dad3 at12project: -> 8.0.0 resolves #15150

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