github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.1897-ls323

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one month ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.18.

Jackett Changes:


  • 4d5659715f6b70eb4713bd4aa9d010235b6ab644 alpharatio: add activity info to config
  • 52e46eaaaf9949de1033de5a698b9b670408b10e aftershock: add activity info to config
  • 5b63aba3f8fa85a8c9633d32983013451fc062aa acidlounge: add activity info to config
  • 8a45703ddd2c97a384cea13b531a2b0dc622d8f6 abnormal: add activity info to config
  • cf5c7cdf918563e0b0884465b0052eb93e827bdd 0daykiev: add activity info to config
  • bf9423e49107ee9b9f9753307b239edde7b20d8e ildragonero: update cats & date, add requestdelay. #8148
  • 9355a72d7176fba0f7880d4fa08b37b6bb909121 anime-free: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #10576 (#15103)
  • a2ac142d9c1e33f7c4c4baaa10caac3236fa41f0 UI: if ElapsedTime is missing show [cache] #15100
  • 06aa28486812b55b58b70a57a622f48bae0fdf4f xwtorrents: title can be missing
  • 8d9c7e9b77686cc9aa0da087ba3c3356764a03ab noname-club: new cat
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  • 22a2dc3058401dcbf5acddda489195df39d80da8 torrentqq: bump domain

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