github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.1855-ls319

one month ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Alpine 3.18.

Jackett Changes:


  • 80db4364074688d4d1cecdd4268d411267a514c1 gimmepeers: tvmazeid search, freeleech filter and dlvf, strip req from titles. #15089
  • 4b17b77c02ae1ff3f1c312a28803e0b74adc42dc [webui] [enhancement] Add a color-coded status for each tracker utilized in dashboard search (#15088). resolves #15080
  • a3a04f0405f86f9dda5022c750c09e66672d1309 gimmepeers: remove imdbid support for tv searches #15089
  • 74d423023c1a8f87045964b20b11f7546eb4d215 frozenlayer: CA expired
  • eafccb4f467586598ebca889f9c2cf3013cdfe72 Revert: "frozenlayer: removed. resolves #1556" (#15087)
  • d741306db8a00d90e8e7b7389ecb8cfec71ad524 anitoons: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #14846 (#15086)
  • d6c8b932b1ce6b9f1e685346872a84e5f9a36223 Revert "ilcorsaronero: removed. resolves #986" (#15085)
  • c7c38f4f4a8f3131179156ebb02135ecab88a57a xider-torrent: remove old cert exception
  • d7a0af71f6c882a1f942a0842cb013d55357f5e3 dreamtracker: vip only
  • 612111a694fef9f666c80823bab071814cfc1a08 rockbox: CA expired

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