github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.21.14-ls106

5 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add icu-data-full to address ICU issue with Cyrillic character sets.

Jackett Changes:


  • 1d89c135a31cde5aba1af770d49c81d27998951b lint
  • 16c2d6f9caf1aedf48a2b2e1f72f5df4bf226076 add lesbians4u a private site. resolves #14364
  • 5c42955ba8aaa4b7d075b9bc8e2f0c7e020ad7af torrentwhiz: bump domain
  • 64ee0c912d632ea40772860919fea9b3e91157ee torrentview: bump domain
  • a48aa7a6e173aef41b0f4fa0d229d58470cf640b Bump version to 0.21 (#14365)
  • c56f32695abcd4b749e10210f64d90e9f54b85ef arabtorrents: update layout
  • c53933f307fc91ab139bbe2535cf99e018e50743 torrentproject2: add new cat. resolves #14361
  • baa8439781b4f56eb743ff2b2eec55db26807f87 torrent9: fix wrong domain. resolves #14360
  • c2aec85893b9e605dc63f30ff570c34ab5347ed8 imetorrentsclone: fix anime cat detection.
  • e146ad227ca173e38d9ca4061ec7eff3f16c1fa5 limetorrents: fix anime cat detection. resolves #14359
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  • 675b259e0a6ea38cda07bc8ee5ccb99f29671ef6 frozenlayer: update category selector. resolves #14358
  • 04e24bacb3ff536fd29193ad652fca3de13289eb torznab: add support for languages and subtitles
  • 9638823cf129f6d1e5e512bfa68e430401577312 scenetime: update cats. resolves #14357
  • 05dfda27364b9c078ceacb9d7e99ba6da4e1ff65 ebookbay: missing category. resolves #14356
  • c6f4a55444c3a2e6a09190afbad74add95823ea7 common: simplify normalizing IMDb Id and add tests

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