github linuxserver/docker-jackett v0.20.4207-ls106

LinuxServer Changes:

Add icu-data-full to address ICU issue with Cyrillic character sets.

Jackett Changes:


  • e29f4091649c9101c82e047f00c85047458c0a07 lint
  • f68381010fc995fa13f2f6a882e3accc5e275bea add central torrent a Polish private site. resolves #14355
  • c12c050ed7515a2180d6a04c22ddc1708af705f2 metalguru: remove seeders & leechers selectors
  • 558d3530fa6e84b4bc604012d48df863d6b174d4 GGN API: Fix empty result (#14352), resolves #13544
  • a5331e20c241c00c6918a3e7c3767e6c3059f3b2 learnbits, ztracker, moviesite: restore logintype key
  • ffdd0348c23731c2bbd8cdf69457967490a366d0 add party-tracker a Hungarian private site. resolves #14351

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