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pre-release10 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add icu-data-full to address ICU issue with Cyrillic character sets.

Jackett Changes:


  • 4944aef0392950367a2f92b2992b7f8e4e630411 ptfiles: revert to credentials login. #14376
  • a63fd138a860524a3c847c0ce6b0e1548ab432e5 aither-api: 7.0.0 cursor paginate update
  • e4af5f1db2b19b5142d2ea0b99350f333e9972e5 schema: format array list
  • 25e45daa209c6dac12cc9820709b67eae7790e89 torrentproject2: add day date parse.
  • 468ea2472b9ccc510e793ba09930d8ebf5b26137 Update
  • 49f57a9833c69208511496fbd113973d6fbea21e assorted: set language to nearest valid set
  • 63c7bf6aeda6ede8ebdbe55efcc623b0ce72b2ff schema: add language validation. resolves #14374

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