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pre-release18 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • d035ad03e91d1ad34de979ab06d88701cdd0049b fouducinema: new cats
  • bb53da8f83c868bdb80c212d11fbabafcf70c0a2 kinozal, rutracker: add keywordsfilters. resolves #13496 (#13498)
  • d5ddf063bae2c5fde3590a2f4306b89fe890a116 sktorrent: add genre query and results
  • 6df978a5cddb98765428868b5668cd0774ed9760 selezen: add genre results
  • db1b058d88ae76de3491652601b48f342a6722bf rudub: add alternate domain
  • 9192a94c9193929f125ecbecc756cf63d70ef348 piratbit: new domain
  • 1c9a7a47150f9433757645f534107273c2ca5ebd extremlymtorrents: change _genre to genre_optional
  • 7384c0070a3d322b44d50966351836f939f01826 huntorrent: add genre results
  • b9c89c2383f1185359c87e730c12aa8c9cfae3b9 extremlymtorrents: add genre results
  • 75bb10cddac5a84078b5dafc7a435b58355b37bc pttime: fix search when no cats selected

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