github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.20.1680-ls538

pre-release19 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • 3a36ef4b2468bee703ed15392f770f5fbbd120ca puurhollands: back to cookie method #13453
  • 536bae4872901c8518f0178931988b2002f369ac ebookparadijs: back to cookie method #13453
  • 3a48573b88b2e2d668e1865094f7a730bd48c32f carphunter: layout changed
  • 69796ae6efee23dd1d1b72a79877a0ecf7cb48cb polishtracker: add genre results
  • 491e73b7deb5e400d53491ec3a5b436f2899ba01 xthor-api: clean up comments
  • 9768fd288ba299f8a2d1aada1a539d156e7e97b9 cardigannIndexer: fix imatch for rows #13083

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