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pre-release19 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • 710da0ec96069cc013360044b170c3d1bc38e8fd torrentsir: bump domain
  • 94b02f38a2e5e211be84369ad814785368307602 dontorrent: *.dev
  • 003ab68c2bd065c41565161eb86cd2b47c9877e4 cpasbienclone: back to *.tw
  • 03f511dfd158798d493deb04e01f2ce98562311c libble: add genre query and results
  • 017ebba3bc3679ba2b9d4f98896a054377cf6e83 immortalseed: add genre results
  • af5ba14999dda9e894398582290bc0f4471aa747 norbits: add genre results
  • 6b0489b64a56b2f517b3ef29eaed0dc471c7d8c1 majomparade: add genre results
  • 9497c92166b15c1b2bc4ada3b6ad80b649c8e68a tellytorrent: bump engine tag
  • 2bc16cf6f42d82195762ab59a04b82276da36459 add breizpeers a French site. resolves #13349
  • f0636d143e462ba6d980804e7224922dedd24aa0 kinozal: add guru mirrors
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  • b60cea1cfa8d0d2cb6ae11c94c574c3bf3f90cf6 dontorrent: fix tv show hd category identify. resolves #13440 (#13445)
  • fa5a10f27c0382efde74051e17e2a1ce3f507409 cardigann: make genre optional (#13443)
  • c19b6e547e9ec17613e51bac76d169d3cd18f040 torrentday: add tday.* mirrors
  • 9a384ee71dbadefca53cf64931cf37a89f56aeb8 cpasbienclone: change domain *.gg
  • 3b0cd0d39d04c4e3ca52689824e6522972daaeee hdmonkey: make genre optional
  • 49e9b5dc85c8d259fca9d4b5df6eae52e0c54d96 lastfiles: add genre results
  • a59112f965a37e2d64f780a6f2b85856113aca97 danishbytes: drop redundant genre filters
  • f1b7f4fc250791ccacf5daa2ea30ad845d23cef8 cardigannIndexer: expand delimiters for genre validation
  • 600d37bf699e054c860f8de69965f7c6c05d03cb krazyzone: update cats

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